Section IV: Social Gerontology and Working with the Elderly


We provide a forum for researchers and practitioners in social gerontology including the fields of working with older adults, and social and health care services. It is our problem-oriented and applied approach that distinguishes us.

Our main Topics:

  • Old-age policies and politics
  • Education and further qualification
  • Participation and engagement in old Age
  • Long-term care and social participation
  • Social and health inequalities among older People
  • Interprofessional work
  • Social support structures

We create impetus to speed up progress in social gerontology and care for older people, in theory and practice. It is our aim to implement a distance from monodisciplinary perspectives and those dominated by individual occupational groups through the exchange facilitated within the section and to place the requirements and needs of older people at the center.

We extend an invitation for cooperation. The interdisciplinarity of Section IV and its emphasis on exchange is an essential prerequisite when it comes to meeting the challenges associated with the diversity of topics and scopes of action within the intersections of research and practice.

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