German Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics e.V.

Social developments and medical progress are continually changing people’s lives and needs. Particularly when considering the demographic development, this poses various challenges within the fields of gerontology and geriatrics. The German Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics supports gerontologists and geriatricians actively in their research on aging and all others working in this field when it comes to the practical implementation of their findings.

We ...

support the research and teaching on aging within the various disciplines.

support scientific exchange and the distribution of gerontological and geriatric findings.

support young researchers through our student section.

facilitate a national conference every two years which serves to discuss issues related to gerontology and geriatric on a mainly interdisciplinary basis. 

Quality, Responsibility, Ethics

The members of the German Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics strive to ensure a high level of quality within their different areas. This applies to scientific work as well as to various areas of practice. In order to accomplish this, methodological standards for quantitative or qualitative research as well as a number of different seals of quality for practical work have been established. Additionally, testing on animals is monitored by animal testing commissions and research involving humans is frequently monitored and evaluated by ethical review committees. Especially research conducted involving fragile individuals that suffer from demential illnesses does not only require diligence but also a particular sensitivity with respect to the ethical reflection of scientific conduct. Gerontologists that work within practical areas, for instance at counseling centers or in-patient facilities such as homes and hospitals, carry substantial responsibility. As so-called guarantors they are obligated to prevent individuals in need of care from suffering any harm.

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